The head coach did a ‘dirty act’ with the female cyclist, said on protesting – I will ruin my career, now will sell vegetables on the road

Head coach wanted to marry a female cyclist!

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Women cyclist has made serious allegations against head coach RK Sharma. What did the aggrieved player write in his email? This has been revealed in a media report. If everything is found to be correct after the investigation, then strict action is sure to be taken against the head coach.

The role of head coach is very important in the life of any player. Which path does the player have to follow, what improvements does he have to make. All this only his coach tells him. The ladder of success of a player is only a coach, but at this time such a case has come to the fore in the world of Indian sports which is like a stain on his image. Talking about Chief National Team Coach RK Sharma On whom a woman cyclist has made very serious allegations. The female cyclist has written an email to SAI complaining about RK Sharma. According to the email, RK Sharma tried to force her. After that email, now SAI has constituted a committee to investigate the whole matter and has also decided to bring back the entire team that went to Slovenia to India. Now the question is, what are the allegations made by the female cyclist in that email. According to a media report, very serious allegations have been made against RK Sharma.

The coach forced the female player as well!

Indian Express According to the report, the cyclist accused RK Sharma of forcibly entering his room and asked him to give him a post training massage. After this RK Sharma pulled the female player towards him and then asked him to sleep with him. According to the email, the woman cyclist has alleged that the coach was asking her to make him his wife. When he protested, the coach talked about ruining his career. Along with this, the coach said that he will get the cyclist removed from the National Center of Excellence and he will sell vegetables on the road. According to the complaint, when the woman cyclist decided to leave the camp and return to India, RK Sharma called up the player’s family and asked them to get their daughter married as she had no future in the sport.

SAI recalls Indian team

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has decided to recall the entire Indian team that went to Slovenia for training and competitions after a woman cyclist accused head coach RK Sharma of inappropriate behavior. The Indian team consists of five men and one woman cyclist and as per the earlier schedule, they were to return from Slovenia on June 14. The SAI has already recalled the cyclist who made the allegation and constituted an inquiry committee to probe the matter. Onkar Singh, president of the Cycle Federation of India (CFI), told PTI that the SAI has decided to end the current tour midway.

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Onkar Singh said, ‘The SAI official told the CFI that the entire team, including coach RK Sharma, will be immediately called back from Slovenia.’ It is also learned that SAI had also sent a separate message to Coach Sharma to return at the earliest.