The humor in the film released in public interest does not dilute the important message of this film.

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In short, Janhit Mein Jaari Film is an important film for India, as it aims to promote dialogue on a serious subject not only for women but for all. This film is currently running in theatres.

It is very sad to see that Jai Basantu Singh’s release in public interest (Janhit Mein JaariA great film like ) did not get a good response at the box office. A social message has been presented in this film wearing a garb of entertainment. I watched the film twice and each time I found people around me laughing, clapping and praising the film. I feel that this story written by Raaj Shaandilyaa and Shaan Yadav would have been able to pull the audience to the cinema hall if big stars were signed in it.

While Nusrat Bharucha, who plays Manokamna, Anud Singh Dhaka, who plays Ranjan, and Vijay Raj, who plays Kewal, are all great actors, they are not among the crowd-pullers. I hope that the film will get a better response when it is released on the OTT platform. Because this film gives a message to men to become partners of women instead of being only sexual partners. It encourages them to learn about women’s reproductive health and to be an ally of women, encourages them to use contraception which shows that they care about their female partner.

The plot of the film is such that it makes you think

An attempt has been made to convey this important message in the film through comedy, but the humor present in the film does not allow this message to be weakened. This film is more than a public service announcement. It has characters who make you laugh in their joys and join you in their sorrows. The plot of this film is such that it makes you think about what will happen next. There are songs in it that sound good. And this movie says exactly what many of us in India need to hear – “There are over 1.5 crore abortions every year in India.”

In the film released in public interest, an attempt has been made to tell the effect of abortion on the health and safety of women. It rejects the old thinking that premarital sex between partners is considered stigmatized and the entire responsibility of unplanned pregnancies is placed on women. Manokamna, who works in a condom manufacturing company, describes in detail the immediate and long-term physical, emotional and social effects women face due to unplanned pregnancies due to non-use of contraception by men and the subsequent In a patriarchal society, which does not hesitate to call such women of bad character, how does this thinking pressure women to get abortions.

She doesn’t want to be a social worker. She wants a job so that she can stand on her own feet and become financially independent so that her parents do not pressurize her for marriage for financial security. She raises her voice for women’s sexual and reproductive rights when she comes across a case in which a failed abortion results in the death of a woman. After this matter comes to the fore, she gets worried about women and hence makes it a mission to educate women about their bodies. Her reasoning is simple: Men do not understand the need to use contraception because they do not face unplanned pregnancies and failed abortions. Women cannot sit on their hands and wait for the fact that one day they will understand its importance.

An important film for India released in public interest

Even Ranjan who is very much in love with his wife Manokamna and brings hot water bags and massages her feet for the pain caused by her periods becomes difficult to understand. That’s why Manokamna feels so passionate about this issue. It is only when Manokamna reveals that Ranjan’s brother’s wife has also undergone two abortion procedures, does Ranjan realize how pervasive men’s irresponsible sexual behavior is and examples of this are abundant in her home.

Ranjan feels trapped between his wife on one hand and his father Kewal on the other. It is not easy for him to see either of the two unhappy but he has to choose one side. And through this election process, we see the positive change coming in him as a person. He realizes that he is not only a son but also a husband and that he needs to stand up for the woman he has married. It is heartwarming to see how he learns and improves himself by listening to his wife. Kewal has his own different thinking which is deeper than that of Ranjan which is not easy to change. But when Kewal’s daughter is about to die during childbirth, he understands how important it is to use contraception for couples who are not planning to have children. The politician apologizes only for denying his daughter-in-law Manokamna the respect she deserves.

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While the film is based on Chanderi, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, people’s distaste for condoms is visible in urban areas as well. This was exposed by women during the #MeToo movement – ​​stealthing, a practice in which a man takes off his condom during intercourse without the woman’s consent. In some countries it is considered rape. So in short release in public interest is an important film for India as it aims to promote dialogue on this serious subject not only for women but for all. This film is currently running in theatres. Click here to read the news in English Click do it. (The author is a senior journalist, the views expressed in the article are the personal of the author.)