The largest telescope deployed in space will reveal the secret of two planets like Earth!

The American space agency NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope ever in space, in December last year. This telescope is about to complete the process of setting itself up there and can start its work soon. According to the news, this telescope has started preparations to explore a new rocky world. It is said that this telescope will study two small planets 50 light years away. wrote It is more difficult to see rocky planets in current telescope technology than planets with gaseous cover. But due to the powerful mirror and deep space location in the James Webb Telescope, the work of locating two planets slightly larger than Earth can start soon. The special thing is that these planets are known as ‘Super Earths’.

These planets may be recognized as super earths, but life is not possible here. One of these planets is covered with extremely hot lava, named 55 Cancri e. On the other hand, the name of the second planet is LHS 3844 b, which has no atmosphere. Both planets are extremely hot. The James Webb Telescope will try to understand the geology of these planets. Of these, 55 Cancri e orbits its star from a distance of 2.4 million kilometers. This is about four percent of the distance between Mercury and the Sun.

It is also worth noting that this planet completes its orbit around the Sun in just 18 hours. It is very sunny here most of the time. Two teams will try to learn about these planets through the James Webb Telescope. One of these is NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, while the other will be a scientist from Stockholm University. On the other hand, if we talk about the second super earth LHS 3844 b, then it is also very close to its Sun. It revolves around it in 11 hours. Although it is smaller than the 55 Canary E.

The team of scientists says that the investigation of these planets will help us to make a perspective on planets like Earth. It would be easy to know how the earth was when it used to be hot.



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