The most powerful earthquake ever hit Mars, NASA’s lander recorded

We often feel earthquakes on Earth, but did you know that Earthquakes also happen on Mars? NASA’s InSight lander has detected a strong earthquake on Mars that shook the planet. On May 4, an earthquake of magnitude 5 struck Mars. Earthquakes of this type come in the mid-category, but for Mars it was extremely intense. It is said to be the strongest earthquake ever detected on any planet other than Earth.

of Report According to the report, this earthquake broke the record of the previous earthquake on Mars. In August 2021, there was an earthquake of 4.2 magnitude. NASA InSight team and its partners have found early data from Mars, on the basis of which it is said that this is the largest seismic activity ever on any planet except Earth! NASA’s Associate Administrator for Science Thomas Zurbuchen said on Twitter that the initial estimate was magnitude 5. However, he said to be patient as the teams are still analyzing the figures.

Scientists say that an earthquake of magnitude 5 is normal for the Earth. There are 5 lakh earthquakes in this type of year. They rarely cause any serious damage. But Mars is tectonically much quieter and magnitude 5 is way too high for there.

InSight Land has been active on Mars since 2018. Scientists had set the seismometer there in December 2018. Scientists say that since then they have been waiting for a big earthquake. The team of scientists also knows very little about the recent earthquake. They are trying to find out where the earthquake happened.

The InSight lander was landed on Mars on 26 November 2018. The seismometer sent with it has been prepared by the French space agency CNES. It explores the earthquakes and geological activity on Mars. InSight has detected more than 1,313 earthquakes in about 1300 days on Mars. The primary mission of the lander officially ended in the year 2020, but NASA is still continuing this mission. However, there are many problems in operating it.



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