The most spectacular sight of wicketkeeping in T20 cricket, at the age of 22, this player made a big record

22 year old wicketkeeper made a big record

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What wicketkeepers like Dhoni, Pant, Rizwan could not do in T20 cricket, the 22-year-old wicketkeeper of Netherlands has done that. After scoring runs from the front of the wicket, he did something behind the wicket which became a record.

World cricket saw more than one wicketkeeper. After the start of T20 cricket, saw the era of Adam Gilchrist. behind the wicket Dhoni (Dhoni) saw the magic of Also watching the skills of Pant and Rizwan. But, Joe Kamal is the 22-year-old wicketkeeper of the Netherlands. (Wicketkeeper) Did it, it has no match. Actually, this has never happened before in T20 cricket. Wicketkeeper Babette de Lead (Babette de Leede) What he has done is a bit different in itself. This is a new record of wicketkeeping in T20 cricket.

This amazing feat shown in T20 cricket has been seen in the Fairbreak tournament being played in Dubai. In the match between Sapphire and Falcons played on the evening of 11 May, Netherlands wicketkeeper Babette de Leed did what was neither seen in the first Men’s T20 nor in the women’s T20 match.

Record made of 5 stumpings

Now you must be thinking that what did he do? So he did 5 stumps in this match. No wicketkeeper could achieve this record before in official T20 cricket. While playing for the Sapphire, Wicketkeeper Babette stumped the Falcons batsmen Chamari Atapattu, Suzy Bates, Christina Gough, Nanpatt Koncharokai and Jahanara Alam.

Did amazing even before behind the wicket

Before doing these 5 stumpings, this 22-year-old wicketkeeper also scored 45 runs in the match for his team. He scored these runs facing 48 balls with the help of 4 fours. She was the second successful scorer of her team. Thanks to his contribution with the bat, the team of Sapphire scored 152 runs for 3 wickets in 20 overs.

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Player of the match became wicketkeeper

In reply, chasing the target of 153 runs, the Falcons’ team could only manage 122 runs for 7 wickets in 20 overs and lost the match by 30 runs. Sapphire’s 22-year-old wicketkeeper’s role was instrumental in bringing down the Falcons to a low score, who made 5 stumpings. He was also adjudged the Player of the Match for this contribution.