The murder of black people in America again came into discussion, the replacement theory, Biden asked to reject, what is it after all?

Joe Biden condemns attack in Buffalo

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US Supermarket Firing: Ten black people have been killed in an attack on a supermarket in America. Speaking in this matter, President Joe Biden has condemned the replacement theory.

America President Joe Biden (US President Joe Biden) condemned racism and said the country should reject the lies of the racial replacement theory, supported by the attacker who killed 10 black Americans in Buffalo. replacement theory (Replacement Theory) says that black people are increasing their influence by deliberately undermining white people and their influence. Biden, in a conversation with the families of the victims and local officials, said America’s diversity is its strength and that hateful minorities should not distort the country.

Biden said, I promise that evil will not win in America. The hatred will not last, and the words of those who consider white superiors will not be decisive. Earlier, Biden and First Lady Jill Biden paid tribute to the victims on Tuesday at a temporary memorial site erected outside the Topps supermarket. Earlier in the day, officials said the 18-year-old white assailant who shot and killed 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, US, had done extensive research on local demographics.

The attacker had arrived a day ago to inspect

He told that the attacker had reached there a day earlier to inspect the area with the aim of killing as many black people as possible. According to the authorities, the attack, motivated by racial hatred, comes after the police took the attacker to the hospital for threatening to shoot at the school a year ago. Police said that charges were not framed against the attacker at that time and he was discharged from the hospital within a day and a half. However, this raises questions as to where he got the weapon and whether law enforcement officers could keep a close eye on him.

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Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said the attacker Patton Gendron had no contact with law enforcement officers after leaving the hospital. Due to this attack, people are bereaved and angry in the area with predominantly black population around Tops Friendly Market. There has been an increase in the incidents of shootings in America for some time. In which especially black and Asian people are being targeted. These shootings are happening sometimes in schools, sometimes on the street and sometimes in parties or supermarkets. Due to which people are worried about their safety.