The news stood out from the crowd: The writer of the novel ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ was convicted in the murder case of her husband, the date of punishment has been fixed

The author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ pleaded guilty to the murder of her own husband.

The author, famous for writing romantic novels around the world, was not able to get much discussion by writing the novel ‘How to Murder Your Husband’. As much as now after being declared the murderer of her own husband by the court.

About 11 years ago from now i.e. around 2011 ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ (How to murder your husband, Like the famous novel author Nancy Crampton Brophy (Nancy Crampton Brophy) has been convicted by the court for the murder of the husband. After being convicted by the court on the charge of murder of her husband and then hearing the sentence, the accused woman burst into tears. A few years ago, Nancy Crompton Brophy and her novel written on this surprising topic created a sensation around the world. The world has not forgotten that novel and Nancy even today. A woman accused of killing her husband and Nancy, who came into the limelight after writing a novel on this sensitive subject, has been convicted by a Portland court.

Two days earlier, i.e. on Wednesday, a court jury awarded Nancy Crompton Brophy her husband, Chef Daniel Brophy.Chef Daniel Brophy) was convicted of murder. Along with this, the jury also said that the accused woman has been proved guilty of second degree murder. According to the jury’s verdict, Nancy shot her husband Daniel Brophy while he was preparing to give cooking classes to the children at his culinary school. Nancy, who came into the limelight overnight with her novel ‘How to Murder Your Husband’, continues to dominate from America to Portland. Even when the Portland Court jury delivered its verdict on Wednesday, the world’s eyes were still on the jury’s possible verdict.

On hearing the punishment, the dam of patience broke

On the day of punishment, Nancy, accused of killing her husband, stood silent in the court. She cried as soon as the jury found 71-year-old Nancy guilty of second degree murder. According to the decision of the Multnomah County Jury in Portland, Nancy Crompton Brophy followed her husband Daniel Brophy to his Culinary Institution on June 2, 2018 at around 7:30 a.m. in a conspiracy. Then Nasi killed her husband by shooting two bullets with his Glock 9mm pistol. One of the bullets fired by Nasi targeting the husband’s body was in his back while the other bullet went out of the body piercing the chest.

husband accused of shooting twice

Meaning both the bullets were shot from very close and precise target. Whose blows were sure to make the victim halal. The sentencing jury in Portland Court believed that there was a motive behind every murder. Nancy Crompton Brophy also had a motive to kill her husband. According to Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Shawn Overstreet, the main motive behind the murder was not just money. But there was a desire to live the life that Nancy was not able to give her husband Daniel Brophy. For which Nancy’s sobriety was far and different from all the other aspiring women in the world.

Seeing himself trapped, the accused gave arguments

However, standing in court, 71-year-old Nancy Crompton had openly opposed the contention of the parties concerned, saying that if her husband was alive, her financial condition would have been much better. Although Nancy herself accepted this fact in the court that she does not even remember all the things about the day her husband was murdered, 11 years later. Nancy, who was present as a perpetrator before the jury in court, also argued that the meeting of Daniel’s (her husband, who was murdered at the hands of Nancy) that morning near the Culinary School America visuals of their mini van was just a coincidence. Maybe. However, the jury hearing the case rejected Nancy’s argument outright.

The court considered only the witness-evidence to be correct

Since the jury hearing the trial in court, in comparison with all the witnesses and evidence against Nassie before it, Nassie’s statement was found to be pure nonsense and baseless. Therefore, the jury convicted the accused woman for the murder of her husband and fixed the sentence. On the other hand, Nancy’s lawyers, who were convicted in this case, have their own arguments. According to him, his client will file an appeal against this decision of the lower court in the upper court. Nancy Crampton-Brophy will be sentenced on June 13. Significantly, she was once known as a prolific novelist, whose books like The Wong Lover and The Wrong Husband were published.

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Sentencing date set

Because his client has been wrongly convicted by the lower court. Naini’s lawyer’s argument behind this was that during the investigation of the murder, the police never found the pistol used in Brophy’s murder. When the weapon used in the murder case is not recovered, then on what basis will the court convict someone? However, prosecutors rejected this argument in court, alleging that the woman accused of her husband’s murder, Nancy Crampton Brophy, had changed the cord of the pistol used in the murder. The motive behind the murder was that the convicted romantic novel writer woman (accused wife) wanted to grab the money received from the husband’s insurance policy.