The ‘pigeon’ of the Australian team, who was the ‘hunter’, became a morsel whose big players. Australia cricket team Glenn McGrath born on this day

Glenn McGrath Birthday: Today i.e. February 9, 2023 is the 53rd birthday of Glenn McGrath with tall stature and lean body.

Glenn McGrath celebrating 53rd birthday

Image Credit source: AFP

Pigeon is not a hunter. But, he was in human form. That too not of small names but of famous players. we’re talking aussie giants here Glenn McGrath Ki, who became famous in the cricket world as Pigeon because of his physical appearance. Glenn McGrath, who has a tall stature and a slim body, has his 53rd birthday today i.e. on February 9, 2023.

Australian McGrath’s entry in international cricket was not a bang. After stepping in in 1993, he had played only 8 Tests that he was dropped from the team. But, when he returned again in 1994-95, the world got to see a different McGrath. It was McGrath whose balls used to question the batsmen.

‘Hunter’ of big players – Glenn McGrath

Famous McGrath by the name of Pigeon i.e. Pigeon was a big hunter of big name players. Here the hunter meant taking his wicket. Like Mike Earthton of England. Brian Lara of West Indies and Sachin Tendulkar of India. McGrath has dismissed the wickets of all these famous players not once, not twice but many times. He has walked Mike Earthon the maximum number of times in Tests, 19 times. While Lara’s wicket was hit by McGrath 13 times. At the same time, Sachin Tendulkar has also come on his target in Test cricket 6 times.

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there was no speed but the edge was big

Glenn McGrath’s strength was not his speed. Because she was not with him at all. His skill was in his exact line length. McGrath knew very well where to hit the ball, so that the batsman would be bowled over. He took 563 wickets in Tests playing 124 matches. During this West Indies K broke Courtney Walsh’s record. It is said that the number of Test wickets of McGrath could have crossed 600 if he had continued to play cricket. But, due to his own injury in 2004, in 2006, he stayed away from the cricket field for some time to take care of his wife who was suffering from cancer, due to which this could not happen. Apart from Tests, McGrath also has 381 wickets in 250 ODIs and 5 T20I wickets.