The player measured in the air, a mistake was made, see the 16 second video captured in the camera

This video is of that catch caught by lightning, after which fielder Matt Renshaw reacted as if nothing had happened.

This catch of Matt Renshaw does not match

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New Delhi: Whether the mistake is big or small, the price has to be paid. There was also a mistake from that player, who got caught in the air. And, the video which came in front of me measuring in the air has now caught the attention of the people. Actually, that moment, that moment was something like this. It is so surprising that it is difficult to believe that this is also possible. But, it was possible. The players who measured in the air were from England Ryan Patel And the player who made it possible, ie in the air, contributed to the end of Ryan Patel’s game, he was Australia’s Matt Renshaw,

This incident happened during the match between Surrey and Somerset in the ongoing county cricket in England, the video of which has surfaced. This 16-second video has been shared by Somerset Cricket. This video is exciting and also shocking. This video is of that catch caught by lightning, after which fielder Matt Renshaw reacted as if nothing had happened. Actually, all this happened so quickly that no one got a chance to think and understand anything.

The player napped in the air!

In this video you will see Surrey opener Ryan Patel standing on strike. On the bowling front is Aldridge from Somerset and Matt Renshaw is standing in front of the slips. The bowler bowled the ball, took the edge of batsman Rian Patel’s bat and went towards slip. Even though there was a distance between Matt Renshaw and the ball standing there, Renshaw measured this distance with his tremendous jump in the air.

Matt Renshaw in this way over the game of batsman Rian Patel in the air, gave his teammate Aldridge a second success in the match. This catch was not easy as Renshaw had caught it by diving to the left.

Entire incident in 16 second video

After catching Renshaw’s catch, the celebration was also celebrated in full swing. First of all, fellow wicket-keepers came and hugged Renshaw. After that the rest of the teammate surrounded him and started congratulating him for the amazing catch. This whole sequence lasted for 16 seconds. It was those 16 seconds that ended Rian Patel’s game in the air. somerset Got the second success in the match as well as the Surrey team which got the second blow.

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Rian Patel spent 22 minutes at the crease. During this he faced 14 balls and scored 13 runs with the help of 2 fours.