The player who was selected in the team by toss, he gave great tension in England, created trouble for half the team!

Mohammad Abbas picked up 6 for 45 against Gloucestershire

Image Credit source: Hampshire Cricket

That player had a match with the secretary’s son for selection in the team. It was decided by toss that who will be selected in the team and who will not. He was lucky that the coin fell in his favor.

toss (Toss) It is often preceded by a match, to determine who will bat or bowl first between the two teams. The team that wins has the right to decide. But, in the case of that player, his career was decided by the toss. Whether he would be selected in the team or not was decided by the toss of the coin. Fortunately, the toss fell in his favor that day and he was selected in the team after that. You will be surprised to read this. But this is true. This shocking story Pakistan Cricket (Pakistan Cricket) is associated with. The player with whom this happened is currently in England, where he has made a splash for his county team. his name is Mohammad Abbas (Mohammad Abbas),

According to the bitter truth of Pakistan cricket told by Mohammad Abbas in an interview to The Daily Telegraph in 2018, “For the Under-19 tournament, the team had to choose between him and the secretary’s son. And it was to be decided by toss. He told that he was lucky that the toss fell in his favor. According to 32-year-old Abbas, after that tossed story, he never looked back. After that incident, Mohammad Abbas played Under-19 cricket and later played cricket for Pakistan.

Alone became trouble for half the team!

He will also tell about his performance for Pakistan, but before that, just talk about England, where he became a problem alone for half the players of a team. Mohammad Abbas is a part of Hampshire in the match between two England county teams Hampshire and Gloucestershire. In this match, Hampshire batted first and scored 342 runs in the first innings. In reply, Gloucestershire’s team could only score 179 runs in the first innings in front of the deadly bowling of Mohammad Abbas.

Mohammad Abbas alone hunted half of Gloucestershire’s team in the first innings. He gave 45 runs in 17 overs and took 6 wickets. Thanks to his strong performance, Hampshire got the lead in the first innings, which can now concern him with a win.

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Contribution of Mohammad Abbas to Pakistan

Now just look at the contribution of Mohammad Abbas to Pakistan cricket. He has played 28 international matches for Pakistan. In those 28, he has taken 91 wickets. Out of this, 90 wickets are included in 25 Tests. While taking one wicket in 3 ODIs.