The ‘Saudagar of Death’… in whose name the Nobel Prize is given

The Nobel Prize, one of the world’s largest prizes, is given in the name of Alfred Nobel. But do you know that Alfred Nobel is also called ‘Deuter of Death’.

Alfred Nobel

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The Nobel Prize is considered one of the greatest prizes in the world. It is named after Alfred Nobel. with the beginning of October Nobel Prize The news starts making headlines. This award is given to those scientists, writers, economists and human rights advocates, who have done excellent work in their field. The Nobel Prize is given in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and peace. In such a situation, let us know who was Alfred Nobel, in whose name people are awarded with this award.

Actually, Alfred Nobel was the person who created the Nobel Prize through his vision and fund. He was one of the most famous scientists of the 19th century. He discovered dynamite. It was patented in 1967. He got worldwide fame through this dynamite. He earned a tremendous amount of money through this. This was the reason that people also called him ‘Mout Ka Saudagar’.

How was dynamite discovered?

Alfred Nobel got 355 patents during his lifetime. He was born on 21 October 1933 in Sweden. Alfred had traveled to many countries in his youth. During one such visit, he met Ascania Suberro in Italy. Ascania was the same person who discovered nitroglycerin in 1847. When Alfred came to know about nitroglycerin, he gradually became interested in it.

Actually, nitroglycerin was such a dangerous explosive that it was not free to carry anywhere. Alfred’s brother Emil was killed in an explosion during the experiment on nitroglycerin. Immediately after his death, the Swedish government banned it. At the same time, Alfred, who wanted to commercialize nitroglycerin, discovered dynamite by adding silica to it.

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How did you get the name ‘Mout Ka Saudagar’?

Actually, when Alfred Nobel was experimenting on nitroglycerin. During that there was an explosion and then his brother Emil died. At the same time, a French newspaper mistakenly thought that Alfred had died in this blast. Knowing this, he gave the title of the condolence message given in his news ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’. The newspaper wrote in a condolence message, ‘Dr Alfred Noble died yesterday. He became rich faster than ever by finding ways to kill more people.