The stars remain silent in ‘Amrit Kaal’, then why all the rudali only later?

Many actresses from the film industry have made revelations and told how they had to face different challenges while working in the Bollywood industry. Priyanka Chopra also told recently that Bollywood had completely sidelined her.

Zeenat Aman, Priyanka Chopra

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Bollywood is a big industry and entertainment world Not only in India but artists from all over the world try their luck. Many stars ensure their place on the basis of their talent. But there have also been some artists who for some reason did not get the work they wanted in films and were sidelined from the industry. Recently actress Priyanka Chopra also disclosed this. Even before this, there have been many such artists who talked openly about their career.

Especially women made revelations on the double standards in the industry. When the new actress told about the discrimination faced by her, then many old actresses also got confused and they also told how this industry has always been male dominant and how women are not able to make a place in Bollywood. Had to go through many tests.

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From Zeenat Aman to Sharmila Tagore, Aruna Irani to Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra to Anushka Sharma, several actresses have spoken about discrimination and ill-treatment in the industry. But during this there is one thing which gets attention again and again. Generally, if someone has any problem, then he should openly talk about it. But this is not seen here.

The biggest disease, what will people say

In the earlier times, due to hesitation, actresses were not able to put forth their point properly, or rather, there was no proper medium. That’s why it has been a very common culture that any pain that happened to you is mentioned later. Things go on like this with a pang in mind and later that anger comes out. The issue is not discussed in time when there could be an impact. It is talked about after years when that thing does not have any special importance.

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What’s the objection in speaking for the right?

Today, in the era of social media, easy means of communication is available with people. Earlier it was not like this. The earlier actress did not have that much option to keep her point. She used to do as she was told. But today’s actresses do not do this. They raise their voice for their rights and cannot tolerate discrimination. In such a change is coming. This change is worthwhile. There is a need to keep being vocal in times like these.