The sword of war hanging on Ukraine, Britain will give military and financial help, PM Boris Johnson will go to Europe to avert the crisis

UK Help to Ukraine: Britain is making a lot of efforts to help Ukraine in trouble. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also going to visit Europe this week to stop the war.

Britain giving aid to Ukraine

Image Credit source: AFP

UK Ukraine (Ukrainemilitary aid and financial aid to (UK Military Support) is preparing to deliver the package. This is being done in the midst of the growing threat of Russia’s attack on this country. This information has been given by the spokesman of the British Government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson (British PM Boris Johnson) is due to travel to Europe later this week to end the standoff with Russia and show support for Ukraine. However, no information has been received regarding which countries Johnson will go to. It has been said from his office that he wants to engage more with the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The spokesman said, ‘The Ukraine border crisis has now reached a critical juncture. From the information we have received, Russia is planning to attack Ukraine any day. The US and Britain say that Russian President Vladimir Putin can order an occupation of Ukraine at any time before the end of the Winter Olympics in China on February 20. It will be Europe’s biggest security crisis in several decades. Russia has deployed more than 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border and has denied reports of attacks on the country.

accused western countries of spreading lies

Russia says that Western countries are spreading lies to hide their own provocative activities. At the same time, a British government spokesman said that Johnson is working with allies for a supportive package to help Ukraine. An announcement will be made regarding this in the coming days. Britain has also been supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons and training personnel. “There is still a window of opportunity open for de-escalation and diplomacy and the prime minister will continue to work with our allies to take Russia back,” the spokesman said.

Boris Johnson caught in domestic political crisis

Britain is supporting Ukraine at a time when Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself is caught in a domestic political crisis. Police are investigating lockdown parties at his Downing Street office and residence. Police is also interrogating him. Allegations of breaking lockdown rules have undermined Johnson’s authority and some lawmakers from his ruling Conservative Party as well as opposition leaders have asked him to resign.

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