The teacher said, make my photo, then what the children made, I will remember my childhood.

Many positive comments have come from people on these pictures posted by Nishat. Many people have appreciated this initiative of the teacher.

Nishat has shared the pictures made by the students.

Image Credit source: Twitter

No person in the world can deny that children are innocent. Children are known for their innocence and you will get to see many examples to prove this point. Recently another example of this was seen, when a teacher teaching first class Teacher asked his students to draw his picture. After this, the pictures of their teacher have been made by the children. People are surprised after seeing them. The teacher has shared the picture made by the children on Twitter and now people have made various comments on it.

Twitter user Nishat has not only shared all the pictures made by the children, but has also reviewed them. Nishat shared the post on the micro-blogging platform and wrote, ‘Asked first grade students to make their own picture. The result has been very funny. Here I am sharing the pictures of how I look. In his other tweets, Nishat shared the pictures which were made by his students.

Nishat tweeted these pictures

Nishat tweeted this picture and said, ‘It is a bit filmy, but I like my hair in this picture. This body in the picture is giving me the feel of a bottle of vodka. I give it 5 out of 10.

Further tweeting two more pictures, Nishat gave his opinion on them. Regarding the first picture, Nishat said, ‘There has been a good improvement in this picture compared to the previous picture. The earrings are totally on point. The hair is also quite on point. I will give it 10 to 9 number.’

A student has made a picture of Nishat in such a way, seeing that she has burst into laughter. Actually, in this picture he is shown running the phone. While reviewing this picture, he wrote, ‘I fell down laughing after seeing the iPhone. I like your eyes. Great attention has been paid to detail. I give it 8 out of 10. Regarding the second picture, he wrote, ‘Patriotism has been shown in this picture. Eye lashes are very nice. I don’t know what happened with the dress. But for this I will give 6.5 out of 10.

In her last tweet, writing a review of the last picture, she says, ‘I am sharing some more art work on request by many people. This one is quite ordinary, quite modern. I would give it a 6.5 out of 10.’

What was the response from users?

Many positive comments have come from people on these pictures posted by Nishat. Many people have appreciated this initiative of the teacher, while many people have given their response on the pictures. One Twitter user wrote, ‘At least in 3 pictures you have a smile on your face while you are wearing a mask.’ Another user wrote, ‘These people have made a much better picture than me. Last year I made a picture of a mango for my nephew, but my aunt couldn’t even recognize it. Another user wrote, ‘I want to be a teacher now.’