The voice stopped after 45 years, now this veteran Australian will not do commentary

Ian Chappell is counted among the great players as well as the best commentators. He was very famous for his cricket knowledge and analysis.

Ian Chappell says goodbye to commentary. (File pic)

Now a sound will not be heard during cricket matches. Those listening to the commentary in this voice will no longer be able to hear it at the time of the rematch. This is the voice of Ian Chappell, one of Australia’s great players. Ian Chappell has decided to retire from commentary. Ian Chappell was doing commentary for the last 45 years but now he has decided to leave the mic. Chappell had said goodbye to cricket in 1977 and then jumped into commentary.

Ian Chappell played 75 Test matches for Australia. Carrie Packer, who came with the World Series cricket, wanted to sack Ian Chappell. The English newspaper Daily Mail quoted Chappell as saying, “I also remember the day when I knew that I had a lot of cricket left in me.

career was over

Ian Chappell also talked about the early days of his commentary career. He also told that media tycoon Carrie Packer had almost ended his career. He said, “Carrie wanted to sack me several times. He used to talk nonsense about ODI cricket because it was brought by him.

Career full of controversies

Chappell did commentary for TV and Radio. His career was full of controversies. The rivalry between him and the great all-rounder of England lasted till the commentary box. The most famous anecdote in this is of the 1998 Ashes series. During this, Chappell ignored Botham and said that he could not keep his word. Chappell said that his voice may be irritating to those listening to him, but he has enjoyed his time behind the mic. Chappell joined Channel 9 in 1980 and from here he reached all the channels.

Apart from commentary, Chappell also used to write columns. Apart from the website ESPNcricinfo, his columns are published in many newspapers.

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Such was the cricket career

As far as Chappell’s cricket career is concerned, he played a total of 75 Test matches for the country and scored 5345 runs at an average of 42.42. This batsman scored 14 Test centuries and 26 half-centuries in his career. Ian Chappell in 16 matches in ODIs Australia represented. During this his average was 48.07. He scored 673 runs at this average. In ODIs, eight half-centuries came out of Ian Chappell’s bat.