The work of growing tomatoes in international space station has started what is the purpose of Nasa know

Successful farming in space is a major goal of NASA. The American Space Agency seems very serious about this. NASA and its scientists have been doing experiments related to it on the International Space Station ie ISS for many years. NASA aims to move beyond these experiments and start regular agriculture in space. In this episode, NASA is going to grow tomatoes on ISS. Under the Veg-05 experiment, work on growing small tomatoes in space is about to begin. NASA has shared new information about this, let’s know it.

international space station Farming is not an easy task. NASA scientists have developed Earth-like conditions in space to make this possible. NASA’s crew will grow tomatoes in the Vegetable Production System. This is a space garden built on the ISS, which is used to grow some food for the crew. The amount of tomatoes grown in space will not be very large, as the size of the Vegetable Production System is just a suitcase.

Even in such a small space, NASA scientists have successfully grown many things in space. These include lettuce, cabbage, kale and black pepper. Now his target is tomatoes. If scientists succeed in this, then in future a whole series of nutritious things will be grown in space itself.

NASA Life Sciences Project scientist Gioya Massa said that we are testing tomatoes. We are looking at how well the crop grows with the effect of the light spectrum. Tomatoes are so tasty and nutritious. We’re also investigating how growing crops affects crew health. It will also be seen how eating tomatoes grown in space affects the health of the crew. All this will be of great help for future missions.

Significantly, only last month, NASA had sent a huge supply to the International Space Station. On November 23, the Falcon 9 rocket of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX departed from the Kennedy Space Center. The rocket took off with about 3,500 kg of cargo. This cargo also included tomatoes, which are now going to be grown in space.



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