The young man went to the restaurant with his mother, shot the worker for serving cold french fries

French Fries: In Brooklyn, USA. The 20-year-old went to eat French fries with his mother at McDonald’s restaurant.

Accused of serving cold french fries.

Image Credit source: Twitter

There are many people in the world who french fries Are fond of food. And if they get this french fries from their favorite McDonald’s restaurant, then their happiness knows no bounds. But sometimes fights also come up regarding this. something like this happened America of in Brooklyn. There, a 20-year-old youth went to McDonald’s with his mother to eat French fries. There he ordered it. But he was reportedly served cold French fries. This angered him so much that he shot the restaurant worker.

Police have informed that there are many incidents of firing in this area. In this case, a 20-year-old man named Michael Morgan went to the restaurant with his mother. There, when cold French fries were served to his mother, he got angry. He shot the 23-year-old restaurant worker on Monday evening. The restaurant worker was immediately admitted to the hospital. His condition is serious.

It is said that when the restaurant worker served cold French fries to the 40-year-old mother of Michael Morgan, he got into an argument with that worker. Mother also accused of serving cold French fries. Morgan was out at the time. His mother informed him about the matter by video call. After this he too immediately reached inside and started arguing with the restaurant worker. The argument escalated so much that he shot the restaurant worker.

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