There was a blemish on the image of IPL on these 5 occasions, there was a lot of discussion

Indian Premier League (IPL) is seen as a revolution in Indian cricket. At the beginning of this league in the year 2008, no one would have even guessed that IPL is going to be the biggest and toughest T20 league in the world. Organized by the Indian Cricket Board, the world’s greatest players yearn to play in this tournament. The reason for this is the wealth and fame that comes from this IPL.

After 3 days i.e. from March 26, the 15th season of IPL is going to start and the thrill in this year’s season is going to be 10 times as compared to all the previous seasons. IPL is the most liked franchise cricket tournament in the world, even in many countries, India’s identity is with IPL. But among all these, IPL has also been related to controversies.

There have been many such exploits on and off the field which have put the IPL to shame. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about 5 such opportunities.

1. Danny Morrison shoulder the cheer girl

Danny Morrison appears as a commentator and presenter in various cricket leagues around the world. The world of his analysis and style is convincing. But sometimes this giant crosses his limit in the light of fun. Due to which Danny comes under criticism on many occasions.

He often gives pitch report before any match. He adopted a unique approach to give a pitch report in an IPL match. Actually, Danny told the audience about the pitch with the cheer leader on his shoulder. At this time, former Pakistan opener Rameez Raja was also analyzing the pitch with him. Even today, IPL has to be a victim of criticism for this act of Danny Morrison.