There was a ruckus on calling MS Dhoni ‘Big Dog’, what did the fellow player say on the video of CSK? , IPL 2023 ms-dhoni-Big Dog tweet Scott Styris on chennai super kings video indian fans reacts

Chennai Super Kings shared a video of MS Dhoni’s practice, in which the entire stadium is echoing with his name. On this video former CSK player Scott Styris called him Big Dog

MS Dhoni is busy preparing for IPL 2023

Image Credit source: Chennai Super Kings twitter

New dhoni Preparing for IPL 2023 in Chennai. The entire stadium is filled with fans to see their preparations. Chennai Super Kings shared a video of him on the previous day, in which he is seen going on the field to practice batting in a stadium full of fans. On this video of Dhoni, his former teammate called him Big Dog, which created a ruckus. As soon as Dhoni came on the field, the whole stadium started echoing with his name. This video is becoming the most viral on social media.

Scott Styris, who played IPL for Chennai Super Kings, could not stop himself from seeing people’s craze for Dhoni. He commented by retweeting CSK’s video. He wrote for Dhoni Still the big dog around town.

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most powerful dhoni

Styris meant to say that Dhoni is still the most powerful and most important person in Chennai, but the fans misunderstood his comment and went on a rampage for using ‘Big Dog’ for Dhoni. Users say that how can someone use such a word for Dhoni.

more trouble makers

Although some people also tried to clear the misunderstanding, but the number of people creating ruckus on Styris’s comment is more. Talking about Chennai Super Kings, the team will play against Gujarat Titans in Ahmedabad on March 31. IPL 2023 Will play the opening match of

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