There was never a road to reach home, now she has become a world champion, where the journey started, the destination was found there. Lovlina Borgohain Becomes World Boxing Champion for the first time her life struggle

Indian boxer Lovlina coming from Assam won the bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020. She was only the second woman boxer from India to win an Olympic medal. After this, though he had to face bad times as well, but now he has given answers to all.

Lovlina Borgohain has won the gold medal of the World Championship for the first time.

Image Credit source: PTI

New Delhi: In August 2021, when the Indian flag was rising high in the air near Tokyo’s boxing ring, all eyes were not only on the tricolor, but also on the Indian boxer who carried that tricolor there – participating in the Olympics for the first time taking Lovlina Borgohain Had done what only a legendary Indian boxer like Mary Kom had done before her. Women’s Boxing Medal in Olympics. After this, Lovlina not only had to struggle in the ring for the next few months, but also had to face problems outside the ring. Now once again Lovlina has shown the tricolor to the heights of the sky.

Coming from Baromukhiya, a small village in Golaghat district of Assam, there was no metalled road till 2 years ago to reach Lovlina’s house. The news and happiness of the historic bronze medal won in the Tokyo Olympics had also brought the officials into action and the road was prepared to welcome them on their return. A lot of time has passed since then, but this time was not very good for Lovlina.

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Answers to many questions from the World Championship

Lovlina put behind all the setbacks and questions she had to face in the last one year as she defeated Australia’s Caitlin Parker in the 75kg final at the IBA World Boxing Championships in New Delhi on Sunday, March 26. There were high expectations from Lovlina in Commonwealth Games 2022 and World Championship but she failed. In such a situation, questions were being raised on his form.

Apart from the problems inside the ring, Lovlina had to face problems outside the ring. With the commencement of the CWG, he had to prepare for the Games without his coach. Lovlina was forced to write an open letter for this, in which she expressed her grief. After this her coach finally got a place but it was probably too late by then and she failed.

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Where the journey begins, the destination is found

This success of Lovlina is her victory over all these disappointments. By the way, this gold is even more special for Lovlina. He had won a major medal for the first time in the World Championship in New Delhi 5 years ago. In the championship held in 2018, Lovlina won the bronze medal for the first time. After this, he tried in 2019 as well and the result was the same. Finally, in the fourth attempt, she was able to convert bronze into gold and this success also came in her account in New Delhi itself.