There will be a holiday from Lux, Lifebuoy to Vim! Mukesh Ambani is going to create panic

Industrialist Mukesh Ambani is slowly focusing on making Reliance Industries a company with tremendous interference in the retail and FMCG segments. This time he has set his eyes on the strong market like soap and dishwasher segment, where he is going to give tough competition.

Industrialist Mukesh Ambani has made a tremendous entry plan in the FMCG segment.

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It would be difficult to find that almost every household in India does not have at least one soap from Lux, Dove, Lifebuoy or Pearce. People from poor to poor and rich to rich household must have used one or the other of these brands at some point or the other. But now industrialist Mukesh Ambani has made a tremendous entry plan in this segment.

Reliance Industries is the largest company in the country’s retail sector and now its plan is to make inroads in the FMCG sector worth about Rs 5 lakh crore. That’s why the company has recently entered the brand name Independent for flour, oil, rice etc. Now he is eyeing the beauty and personal care segment, where Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), the owner of all the brands mentioned above, has a strong presence.

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Reliance launched these brands in the market

Reliance Consumer Private Limited (RCPL) of Reliance Industries has recently acquired many old popular brands associated with the FMCG sector. At the same time, many new brands have also been launched. In the beauty and personal care segment, the company has launched Glimmer in the soap bar category. At the same time, products of the herbal-natural segment have been launched under the name Get Real. Not only this, the company has also entered the anti-septic market under the name Puric.

Apart from this, the company has introduced the Dozo brand to compete with Hindustan Unilvi’s dishwasher brand Vim. While HomeGuard has launched brands like Enzo detergents, liquids and soaps for the laundry segment to compete with the biggest brand Harpic (owned by Reckitt) in the toilet and floor cleaner segment. With this, Reliance Industries is going to become a big company having complete FCG range, which is currently dominated by Hindustan Unilever.

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Reliance has a large retail network

Reliance Industries will not even have to face much difficulty in selling its goods in this segment. The reason for this is that it has the largest number of modern retail outlets in the country. Along with this, the company has connected more than 30 lakh grocery partners with its Jio Mart platform. Not only this, due to being a cash rich company, Reliance Industries has always been known to create panic in the market by entering every new segment.

At the same time, market experts believe that initially the company can launch these products in the market at much cheaper prices, which can pose a challenge to companies like HUL and P&G. Although the brand value and hold of these companies in the market is very old, so experts also say that it will take time for Reliance to win the trust of the customers.

Apart from Hindustan Unilever, several regional brands such as Procter & Gamble, Reckitt, Godrej Consumers, National to Ghadi already have a strong hold in this segment.