These 5 batsmen have hit the most sixes in IPL history, no one is even near number-1

IPL (IPL) is the toughest T20 league not only in India but in the world. All the players and spectators from all over the world wait for the whole year of IPL. Such tremendous thrill and action of cricket is not seen in any other league except IPL. IPL was started by the Indian Cricket Board in the year 2008, at the time of its inception, no one had guessed that it would revolutionize the world of cricket.

Especially for the spectators watching the game of 20 overs, IPL is no less than heaven. In IPL, all the great players of world cricket are bought by bidding. Seeing its popularity, all the players want to be a part of this league.

The most special thing about IPL is that the spectators get to see very long and sky-touching sixes during the match. Explosive batsmen from all over the world play in this league, so let’s see today who are the top 5 batsmen who have hit the most sixes in IPL history.

5. Kieron Pollard

West Indies explosive batsman Kieran Pollard He is part of the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL. Pollard has hit 213 sixes in 178 matches so far in his IPL career. Pollard’s tall physique makes the bowler equally intimidated by him.

Pollard is at number 5 in the list of batsmen who hit the most sixes in IPL history. Pollard has the ability to show any ball the way out of the field.

Kieran Pollard bats in the lower middle order for Mumbai Indians. Pollard is known for scoring fast runs facing fewer balls. Pollard’s highest personal score in IPL is 87 not out. While batting in the lower middle order, Pollard gets to play very few deliveries at times. Despite this, his batting record is excellent.