These 5 batsmen have scored more than two centuries in cricket

Cricket is a game in which both the batsman and the team have the hope of reaching their best position till the last ball. No one is ready to accept defeat. By the way, all the batsmen try to perform at their best. But, sometimes some batsmen do not succeed in this.

Not only this, sometimes some are not even given opportunities. Now Rohit Sharma Take the one who proved himself every time. Despite this, he was given a very late chance in Test matches. Today we will tell about some such players, who have proved themselves by scoring at least two centuries in all three formats of cricket.

These players have scored two centuries in all three formats of cricket

5. KL Rahul

KL Rahul, who played the role of opener and middle-order batsman for the Indian cricket team, started his international career in 2014. Australia by playing a test match against Since then, this player has been performing consistently well. Not only this, in his very first ODI match, Rahul scored an unbeaten century while batting against Zimbabwe.

Let us tell you that KL Rahul has played a total of 143 international matches. In which a total of 12 centuries have been scored with his bat. Not only this, KL Rahul is one of those batsmen who have scored at least two centuries in all formats of cricket. Rahul has scored 5 centuries in Test matches, 5 in ODIs and 2 in T20 cricket.

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