These are the 5 cricketers who have eaten the air of jail

Cricketers often make headlines because of their personal life. Many cricketers come in the headlines due to their excellent performance on the cricket field, while many players become the subject of discussion due to breaking the law. Today, through this article, we will tell you about those five players who have eaten the air of the player lockup.

These five players are counted in the list of infamous players in world cricket. Out of these players, two names are also of Indian Cricketers. Out of these five players, there is one player who was accused of rape.

These five cricketers have eaten the air of jail

1. Rubel Hussain


Rubel was arrested by Bangladeshi police after Bangladeshi actress Nazneen Akhtar Happy had accused Ruben of rape. He was also in custody for three days, later the court granted him bail to participate in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Rubel Hossain led Bangladesh to victory against England, due to which Nazneen withdrew the charges against Rubel. Due to Rubel’s performance against England, Happy’s lawyer, Daybule Day, ended his involvement in the case, stating that “after seeing Bangladesh succeed, I no longer want to fight against Rubel.

Rubel shouldn’t feel any pressure. Let us tell you that, in April 2018, Rubel was one of the ten cricketers to be awarded a central contract by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) ahead of the 2018 season.