These employees will be discharged from Air India, Tata Group brought VRS scheme for the second time

A lot is changing in Air India as soon as it comes to Tata Group. Now the company on Friday introduced Voluntary Retirement Scheme for its non-flying staff. This is the second such offer from the company.

The company on Friday introduced a voluntary retirement scheme for its non-flying staff.

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Air India (Air India) Tata Group after taking over (Tata Group) It is engaged in changing its complexion in every way. Then whether they want to improve the service of catering from online ticket booking, or from training of cabin-crew to changing its appearance. Now on Friday, Tata Group has launched Voluntary Retirement Scheme for Air India’s non-flying i.e. ground staff. (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) is introduced.

This is the second such VRS scheme introduced by Tata Group for the employees of the company. Tata Group is also making many more efforts to bring back its lost glory to Air India. At the same time, to increase its service worldwide, the company has recently placed an order for 470 aircraft.

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VRS is for these employees

According to the news of PTI, this offer of Air India is for those permanent employees of general cadre who have crossed the age of 40 years. Along with this, he has also done minimum 5 years of continuous service in Air India. Apart from this, such employees of clerk or unskilled category can also take advantage of this offer, who have done minimum 5 years of continuous service in the company.

Employees can apply from 17 March to 30 April 2023 to opt for VRS plan. Employees applying till March 31, 2023, will get an amount of Rs 1 lakh as bonus for one time, in addition to the amount received under VRS.

2100 people may be discharged

Quoting sources, it has been said in the news that according to the terms of this new VRS scheme of the company, about 2,100 employees may be affected. At present the number of employees of Air India is 11,000. This includes both flying and non-flying employees.

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First offer came in June 2022

Air India had earlier brought a similar VRS offer in June 2022. had brought a proposal similar to Then this offer was brought for about 4,200 employees, but only 1,500 people took advantage of it.