These MPs do not know as much as 10 year old children! open pole in test

More Than A Score is campaigning to eliminate unnecessary tests in the UK. British MPs were tested under this campaign.

British MP giving test

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If someone is a Member of Parliament of a country, then it is expected that he must have basic knowledge of subjects like Maths and English. On the other hand, if those MPs are from a country like Britain, then people assume that at least they will have a good hold on English. However, recently this illusion of the people was seen breaking. Actually, UK Members of Parliament recently took the SAT exam. In this test, he scored less than the average number of 10-year-olds in Britain.

A program was organized by More Than A Score in the British Parliament. More Than A Score is a campaign that advocates the abolition of unnecessary tests in the UK. In this exam, the role of invigilator was given to 11 year old children. Apart from MPs, Robin Walker, head of the Commons Education Select Committee, also took part in the SAT exam.

‘More Than a Score’ tweeted a picture of MPs taking the exam, saying, ‘Westminster MPs are taking the SAT exam and the pressure in the room is clearly visible.’

How was the result?

According to the British newspaper Guardian, the group of MPs giving the test was named Westminster Class of 2022. 44 percent of the MPs of this class were such, who scored as expected in Maths. At the same time, 50 percent of the MPs were such that they could get the expected numbers in English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. The thing to note here is that the numbers obtained by MPs are less than the numbers obtained by children in Britain.

This year, 59 per cent of 10- to 11-year-olds scored as expected on the maths, reading and writing SATS tests, the Guardian reported. In 2019, the number of such students was 65 percent.

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Why were the exams conducted?

The purpose of ‘More Give a Score’ is to make leaders understand the importance of these high pressure exams, so that they can understand that children are not evaluated properly through this exam. However, even though it did not succeed in convincing the MPs to end the exams, it forced them to understand that children have to face a lot of pressure during exams.