This actress is facing the consequences of misbehavior with the lady police, the earlier debate was again cut on her hand, know what was the whole matter?

Actress arrested for misbehaving with policemen

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This South TV actress, who misbehaved with the policemen, had stayed in a hotel in Pune in connection with the shooting, where she did not get any facilities, on which she created a ruckus.

A case has come to light from Pune in which a lady police actress has misbehaved. The accused woman crossed all limits of misbehavior with the lady police. If reports are to be believed, the actress, who stayed in a hotel for shooting, created a ruckus in the hotel due to lack of good facilities. After which the actress also misbehaved with the police who reached the spot. The identity of the accused woman south tv actress (South TV Actress). At present, the police has arrested the actress. After the investigation, the police reached the spot and interrogated the woman, in which many revelations have been made.

When the Pune Police interrogated the actress, a shocking revelation came to light. Actually, this TV actress, who misbehaved with the policemen, stayed in a hotel in Pune. After booking a hotel in Pune in connection with the shooting, the actress created a spectacle in the hotel when she did not get the service according to her mind.

After making a spectacle, the actress started asking for her money back from the hotelier. Disturbed by the spectacle of the woman, the hotel staff informed the police about the incident and called them to the spot. After which the lady police arrived on the spot in no time. Handling the dispute, the lady police explained a lot to the woman, but she did not listen to the police.

Who is the lady police with whom the actress misbehaved?

Despite constant persuasion, the accused woman crossed her limits and committed the incident of misbehavior with the lady police. Trying to control the situation, the lady misbehaved with the lady police so much that she not only argued with her but also bit her on the hand of the police. According to reports, the woman with whom the accused woman has done this behavior is none other than a part of Damini Squad of Pune Police. Whose name is Parveen Sheikh.

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The actress had reached Pune in connection with the shooting

According to the news received from media reports, the accused actress is a resident of Karnataka. Who lives in Mumbai and Pune in connection with the shooting of films and TV shows. In this episode, last Friday, due to some shooting, she stayed in the hotel. Where the actress created a ruckus for not providing proper facilities to the hoteliers. At present, the identity of the accused actress has not been disclosed.