This American company will launch its electric car in India

The number of electric vehicles is increasing in the Indian auto market. Auto companies have also entered this segment seriously and are offering vehicles which are eco-friendly as well as provide convenience to the people. India’s EV market is becoming the choice of all companies. It is reported that American car maker Fisker is planning to introduce its vehicles in India. The company is preparing to enter the electric vehicle segment soon.

Henrik Fisker, CEO of American EV maker Fisker Reuters Told that the brand has plans to expand in the Indian market. He said that eventually, India will go completely electric. It may not go as fast as America, China or Europe, but we want to be one of the first companies to come here. This means that the company will soon be one of the latest to enter the market with its own EV model.

The company’s chief executive officer told Reuters that Fisker will start selling its Ocean Electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) in India from next July and may start manufacturing its cars locally in a few years. Fisker has also said that apart from the Ocean Electric SUV (Ocean EV), it may also launch its smaller electric car model in India. Among these, the most likely to be the launch of Pear EV. Although this is preliminary information. The company has not told anything about the price range in which these electric vehicles will be brought in the Indian market.

However, it is said that by the year 2026, the production of Pier EV can start locally in the country. This will reduce the cost of electric vehicles, which will benefit both the car maker and the consumer. It is said that with this the company will be able to bring down the total cost of the vehicle to less than 20 thousand US dollars. At the same time, to make the Ocean EV popular in India, the company will also need to manufacture it locally. It targets premium consumers. 100% duty is being levied on importing it. That is, unless it will be manufactured locally, people will hardly show interest in buying this EV.



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