This child of class 3 teaches children up to class 10th, people call ‘Chhote Khan sir’

Another Khan sir has been found in Bihar. Although he studies in the third class, but teaches the children of class 10th till maths.

Junior Khan Sir of Bihar

Image Credit source: Youtube

Everyone in India knows Khan sir, who runs a coaching center in Patna, the capital of Bihar. His videos on YouTube have millions of views. As soon as his video comes on YouTube, he starts trending. Expert in explaining the subject like GS in easy words Khan Sir Thousands of students come to his coaching center to study from him. At the same time, another ‘Khan Sir’ has come out from Bihar, whom people call by the name of ‘Chhote Khan Sir’. Actually, we are talking about a child who studies in third grade, but he teaches maths to 10th class children.

Chapaur village is located in Masaudhi block of Patna, where Bobby Raj lives. Although Bobby studies in the third class, but he also solves the maths of class 10 in a pinch. This is the reason why he also teaches the children of this class. Bobby not only knows the complete syllabus of Maths, but he also gives easy answers to the questions related to any chapter. Khan sir is Bobby’s idol and this is the reason why people in his area call him as Chhote Khan sir.

Parents made school at home

A school has been built in Bobby’s house itself. His father Rajkumar and his mother Chandrapratha Kumari started this school in 2018. By the way, it is a simple school in appearance. But the discussions of Bobby, who teaches here, are happening everywhere. There are five rooms in the school, where education from class 1 to class 10 is conducted. Children living in the village come here early in the morning to study with school bags.

At the same time, all the children got a chance to study. For this, the school fees have also not been kept high, so that everyone can send their children to study. This school itself is quite unique. Actually, there are very few teachers teaching here. Because of this, the job of the children studying in the senior class is to teach the children of the junior class. After school, there is also a provision of tuition for the children.

…when Bobby met Sonu Sood

Recently a program was organized at Bapu Auditorium in the capital Patna. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood attended the event. At the same time, when Bobby came to know about this, he insisted on his parents and joined the program. He sent a slip to Sonu Sood, urging him to call himself on stage. After this Sonu called Bobby on the stage. On reaching the stage, Bobby recited a poem to everyone. On the other hand, Sonu Sood was very impressed by listening to Bobby’s poem.

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Bobby’s dream is to become a scientist

Bobby’s father is disabled and he is the only child of his parents. At present, Bobby insists on his studies through YouTube. His dream is to become a scientist one day. Bobby’s mother said that during the lockdown, he used to sit and study with the children of the neighborhood. During that time he solved a lot of maths questions.