This company made a world record by driving an electric truck more than 1,000 KM in a single charge

German package delivery service provider DPD has created a Guinness Book of World Records in collaboration with e-truck maker Futuricum and tire maker Continental. Together, all the companies have driven the Futuricum electric truck 1,099 km on a single charge on a particular track. It took a total of 23 hours and the help of two drivers to complete this feat. Let’s know more about this interesting news.

DPD joins Futuricum and Continental in Guinness Book of World Records enter name has done. As we mentioned, the company has a special track But the electric truck has to be driven 1,099 KM in a single charge. The truck had two drivers, who changed shifts every 4.5 hours and completed 392 rounds of the track. During this the average speed of the truck was kept at 50 km/h (kilometer per hour). It took a total of 23 hours to complete this feat.

Adrian Melliger, CEO of Designwerk Products, the parent company of Futuricum, the manufacturer of this truck, says that the company has converted a Volvo FH truck to an electric model. The motor in the truck is capable of generating a maximum power of 680bhp and is powered by a massive 680kWh capacity battery pack.

Another official of DPD Switzerland says that the company has decided to invest in electric mobility. The company has been using Futuricum trucks for the past six months between the city of Möhlin and the distribution center set up in Buchs/Zurich. The official said that this e-truck can comfortably cover a distance of about 300 km each day.<!–


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