This e-bike will run daily 100 km for a month in just Rs 210, the price is less than 50 thousand

If you are planning to buy a new electric bike, then there are many options available in the market. But when it comes to range, the price goes up and when it comes to price, the range decreases. Even if both are combined, the style and look are reduced. Today we are going to tell you about the e-bike, you will get all three things in it. Motovolt Mobility offers a range of stylish e-bikes in the Indian market, which is sure to appeal to the youth especially. Let us know in detail about the URBN e-Bike from power and specifications to price etc.

URBN e-Bike Price
Talking about the price, the price of the URBN e-Bike Rs 49,999 From Rs. 54,999 to Rs.

Power and Specifications of URBN e-Bike
Talking about power and specifications, the URBN e-Bike has a BLDC motor that generates torque of 35-40 Nm. Talking about the battery, this e-bike has a Li-ion battery with 16Ah and 20Ah capacities. Talking about the charging time, this battery can be fully charged in just 4 hours. Talking about the range, it can cover a distance of 120km on a single charge. The most important thing is that the battery given in it is removable, that is, it can be easily taken out.

In terms of dimensions, the URBN e-Bike measures 1700mm in length, 645mm in width, 1010mm in height and 40kg in length. This electric bike has 20 inch wheels. Talking about the speed, this e-bike can run at a speed of 25kmph. This bike has a flip seat with locking. This e-bike can accelerate to 25 km in just 10 seconds. Talking about the braking system, this e-bike has disc brakes at the front and rear. In terms of suspension, this electric bike has spring operated suspension at the front and hydraulic coil spring suspension at the rear.<!–


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