This England team piled on 12 runs in 12 overs, 6 batsmen did not open their account, still not related to defeat

This score of Northamptonshire was the second lowest in first-class cricket and the lowest in county cricket. (symbolic picture)

Image Credit source: Northamptonshire CCC

In this match held in England’s famous County Championship, the same bowler took 15 wickets in both the innings, but still his team could not get victory.

The history of international cricket is very old. About 150 years old. First class cricket has been played even before that. In such a long period, many unique incidents, shocking matches, amazing performances would have been seen on the cricket field, there can be no surprise in this. One such shocking case is related to the lowest scoring matches of cricket. The country of origin of cricket is England county cricket This is the case related to (County Cricket) itself, in which a team was bundled out for just 12 runs, which gets a place in one of the shortest innings in first class cricket. Surprisingly, even after this the team did not lose. This shocking match was played 115 years ago in the cricket field on this day.

On 11 June 1907, a match was being played in the County Championship of England between Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire county clubs. Gloucestershire batted first in the match and the entire team was bundled out for just 60 runs. Only two bowlers of Northamptonshire, GJ Thompson and W East piled up the innings with 5-5 wickets. But the real spectacle was yet to come and the confident Northampton were about to get a big blow due to the superb bowling.

All piled up inside 12 overs

In his first innings, Northampton, who came out to bat, was dealt by Gloucester in barely an hour. This astonishing innings lasted only 11.3 overs and only 12 runs were scored. It was the shortest in the history of county cricket and the joint second lowest score in the history of first-class cricket. Gloucester fast bowler EG Dennett did this to Northampton. Dennett spent only 8 runs in 6 overs and took 8 wickets in his name. In Northampton’s innings, even the account of 6 batsmen could not be opened.

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Still did not lose Northamptonshire

In response, Gloucester scored only 88 runs in their second innings, but it was like a mountain in front of Northampton as they had got a target of 137 runs to win, but despite this, Northampton somehow avoided their defeat in this match. Actually the match was only for three days and on the last day Northampton batted despite the continuous fall of wickets and scored 40 runs for the loss of 7 wickets, after which the match was considered to end on a draw. Dennett, who wreaked havoc in the first innings, created panic in the second innings and took all seven wickets. In this way he took 15 wickets in the match.