This great technology will be in the Apple car! got a patent

Apple Car is one of the most ambitious projects of the company. Ever since news broke in the tech industry that Apple is also working on a self-driving electric car, everyone has wanted to know about it. However, Apple has never given any confirmation about the Apple car. A product of the company is being prepared by the name Project Titan. It is believed that this will be the Apple car. Now another news related to Apple Car has come. This is related to the patent, which was filed by Apple in the past. Patent has been approved.

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted a new patent to Apple approval has given. It is believed that this will be the sunroof technology for the company’s upcoming electric car. It is not yet confirmed that this technology will be used in the car, but it should be considered true. The reason for this is that Sunroop technology is not used in iPhone, iPad or Mac. It should be used in the car itself.

An image like the roof of a car also appears in the document. Some other diagrams also show the sunroof. Its mechanism has been told in some pictures.

The contention of the patent application is that it was filed for the car itself. The patent also reveals a glass, according to which the user can adjust the transparency of the car’s roof.

Recently, a report claimed that the Apple car could become a reality by the year 2025. Sources were quoted in this Bloomberg report as saying that Apple’s upcoming car will be an electric vehicle, which will be equipped with a fully autonomous self-driving feature. It will debut in the year 2025. It was told in the report that Kevin Lynch is heading the Apple car project and its name is called Project Titan. It is claimed that this car will neither have pedals nor steering. In this way, it will be a fully automated self-driving car.



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