This has reached the limit, both the teams could not even make 100 runs together, only one batsman reached double digits, the bowlers created a ruckus

In this match, the bowlers made life difficult for the batsmen.

In this T20 match, the bowlers caused such havoc that both the teams together could not even cross the 100-run mark, although the entire 20 wickets did not fall even then.

The T20 format is identified with such a format where runs are raining heavily. Lots of runs have been seen in this format. Batsmen have only one job to make it rain for fours and sixes. But the dominance of the bowlers is also not less in this format. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the batsmen to score runs. Asian Cricket Council Women’s T20 Championship In the (Asian Cricket Council Women’s T20 Championship), such a form of bowlers was seen that the batsmen got upset. In this championship, this match was played between Singapore and Qatar (Singapore vs Qatar). Where it became difficult for the teams to score 50 runs. Together, both the teams could not go beyond 100. However, the victory in this match came as part of Qatar’s women’s team.

Qatar captain Ayesha won the toss and decided to bowl first. His decision proved to be correct and his bowlers broke the back of Singapore’s batting. The Singapore team could only score 46 runs and were all out in just 14.3 overs.

Not a single batsman reached double digits

Not a single batsman of the Singapore team could reach double digits. The highest score for him was seven runs made by GK Divia and Vinu Kumar. Two batsmen could not even open their account. Ayesha and Angeline Mare earned three successes each for Qatar. Hiral Agarwal and Sachi Dhadwal took two wickets each. Ayesha gave 12 runs in 3.3 overs and Angelina spent 12 runs in four overs. Seven runs were extra in the score that Singapore scored. These were runs for seven runs wide. If these runs are not there then it becomes difficult for Singapore to go beyond 40.

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Qatar also has trouble

Qatar’s team got the target of just 46 runs. But achieving it was not easy for him. Chasing this easy target, he lost his five wickets. Shahreen Bahadur scored two runs. Shrutiben Rana scored six runs. Ayesha scored seven runs. Angelina played an innings of eight runs. Saatchi remained unbeaten on 14 runs. She was the only batsman in this match who could reach the double figures. Safina Mahesh took two wickets from the Singapore team. GK Diviya and Ishita Shukla earned one success each.