This is not solar eclipse or lunar eclipse this is Mars eclipse know the whole matter

You have seen and heard about solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, but if we tell you that Mars eclipse also happens, would you believe it? On the night of Wednesday and Thursday, people captured a special scene all over the world. People who are interested in the happenings in the sky saw this sight on the full moon night. Photos shared on social media. In these it can be seen how the planet Mars is rising from behind the moon. Let us understand this whole matter.

What we are calling ‘Mars eclipse’ is a very rare phenomenon, which is called lunar occultation. In this a star hides or disappears and then appears behind or from the side of the moon. This is what happened on Wednesday night, when Mars, seen as a star, came out from behind the moon after hiding. During this time the Earth was between Mars and the Sun. Because of this the red planet was shining brightly in the sky.

People all over the world saw this special sight on the occasion of full moon. Some great pictures have also come to the fore. The Griffith Observatory in California captured the spectacular view. Sky-watchers are posting gorgeous photos of the lunar occultation on social media.