This mysterious whale account of DodgeCoin (Doge) has assets of $ 12 billion!

The last few days saw a sharp drop in the price of DodgeCoin. One of the main reasons for this was the declaration of a ban on the trade of cryptocurrencies by China. However, despite registering a decline, DodgeCoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has raised its prices significantly since the beginning of the year. The rise of this coin bearing the logo of Shiba Inu Dog goes mainly to Tesla and Space-X CEO Elon Musk. He has supported this coin many times on social media. In February, he warned that the biggest threat to DodgeCoin was its presence in digital wallets.

His warning has once again come to the center. A report said that a dodgeCoin whale account has a billion dollar reserves in spite of the decline. The DodgeCoin address DH5yaieqoZN36fDVciNyRueRGvGLR3mr7L holds about $ 12 billion (approximately Rs 8,752 crore).

Of bitinfocharts The data According to Dogecoin “whale” first bought this cryptocurrency on 6 February 2019. At that time it was trading at $ 0.0018 (about 0.13 rupees). Now this holder has about 3,671 crore dodgecoins which is 28 percent of the total supply of this cryptocurrency.

When the market crash began two weeks ago, the total value of this asset was $ 22 billion (about Rs 16,046 crore). CoinMarketCap As of the time of writing the news, DodgeCoin was trading at $ 0.34 (about Rs 23).
In February this year, Musk tweeted that if investors sell most of the holdings of DodgeCoin, they will fully support them. He said that the abundance of this currency is the main concern.

He also said that if the investors’ accounts are completely empty, then I am ready to pay them in dollars for this as well.

In the field of finance, “whale” refers to a power that can affect a property market by initiating a large number of transactions. The same problem arises with whale accounts that if they start selling their Dodge property they can very easily affect the market.

The speculation has started for this whale account. Many people have also said that Musk can be the only person who can have this account.

Dogecoin was launched in 2013. The image of Shiba Inu dog has been used in its logo. Billy Marcus and Jackson Parker created it together. At that time it was launched as a joke to pay traditional banking fees. It was valued at that time at $ 0.000232 (Rs 0.017).<!–


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