This new weapon of Britain will become the cut of Putin’s hypersonic missile, will eliminate enemy weapons in a few seconds

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Britain is already using a weapon called ‘Dragonfire’, which is fitted with warplanes. This weapon can destroy drones.

Britain Now hypersonic missiles (Hypersonic Missiles) has started looking for the cut. For this, the British Ministry of Defense has kept a budget of 130 million pounds (about Rs 1300 crore). With this money, Britain will prepare three ‘destructed energy weapons’, in simple language, laser weapons. This laser weapon can be fitted on warships, aircraft, helicopters and military vehicles. Laser and radiofrequency weapons do not require any ammunition, but they get energy through electricity. High-energy lights can be shot through lasers, which can also destroy enemy drones.

At the same time, with radiofrequency weapons, enemy computers and electronics can be disabled within a few seconds. Britain’s Royal Navy will test such weapons in 2023. If these weapons are successful, they will be inducted into the army in less than a decade. The new weapons with laser and radiofrequency will join the already existing lethal weapons fleet. Britain is already using a weapon called ‘Dragonfire’, which is fitted with warplanes. This weapon can destroy drones. The laser beam emanating through it can also kill the mortar.

Putin threatens to use hypersonic weapons

However, the new weapon that Britain is now working on will be more powerful and powerful than the ‘Dragonfire’. With this weapon, many laser beams can be fired simultaneously. This is happening at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin has put the stock of hypersonic missiles in front of the world. He has even threatened to use it. Before the attack on Ukraine in mid-February this year, Putin announced that he had hypersonic weapons, which were put in combat mode. Putin said Russia would continue to develop advanced weapons systems, including hypersonics.

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Russia has threatened to attack Britain

Russia has also threatened to use its deadly weapons on Britain. Dmitry Kiselyov, an anchor for Russia’s state-run news channel, recently warned that Russia could use its Poseidon drones. With this drone, a huge tidal wave of 500 meters of sea water can be created, which can submerge Britain in water and turn it into barren land. The Poseidon is a nuclear-armed submarine drone that can strike at sea at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. While this speed is slower than other Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICMBs). But it is said that it is difficult for the current torpedo to catch it.