‘…this religion is not acceptable’- Salim Khan gave a blunt answer to his father-in-law, revealed after years

Famous writer and Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan has revealed some deep and hidden secrets about his marriage to Salma Khan. He has told many things to Arbaaz Khan on the new show.

Arbaz Khan and Salim Khan

Image Credit source: The Invincible Show

In the first episode of film actor Arbaaz Khan’s show ‘The Invincible’, his father and famous writer Salim Khan attended. During the show, Salim Khan revealed many secrets of his life. During this, he also talked about his love and marriage with wife Salma Khan. He also shared the story of his first meeting with Salma Khan’s father.

Arbaaz Khan asked his father whether his mother Salma changed the course of his life. On this Salim Khan said, “It is a matter of coincidence. I stayed in Ajit Saab’s house for a few days, his house was empty. My wife, and your mother’s house was right in front, she was on the first floor, and I was on the third floor. So he used to keep on coming and seeing. Bhai Chhota (Tiger’s uncle of Arbaaz) had become very influential. I had so much strength that I used to lift the jeep from behind.

Salim Khan says, “He had become very famous because of claw fighting. People used to come for claw fighting in the evening. Everyone used to go after defeat. From there he became famous in the locality. Then became friends with your mother (Salma Khan). They used to meet secretly here and there, in the streets of Mahim. Salim Khan told that he told Salma that he wanted to meet her father and he did not like to meet her secretly.

‘Nowadays good boys are not found but…’

On his first meeting with Salma’s family, Salim Khan said, “When I went, I felt that all the Marathi people of India are here… I have never been so nervous as I was that day… Many were in my favor, but my The father-in-law said that son, he has come to know about you, you are a boy of a good family, you are educated, we have no objection, nowadays good boys are not found, but religion is not acceptable.

To this father-in-law, Salim Khan replied, “Doctor saab, there may be 1760 problems between me and your daughter, but release (religion) will never be one of them. But in fact there were more problems than 1760. But never happened on release.

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Salman Khan was Sushila before marriage

Let us tell you that before marriage, Salma Khan’s name was Sushila. She belonged to a Hindu family. Later his name changed. However, during the show, Salim Khan also told that his name had changed from Salim to Shankar. He told that Salma Khan’s grandmother used to support him and she used to call him Shankar. Please tell that Salim and Salma were married in the year 1964.