This suspenseful story will give you goosebumps, read the full review

Hriday Singh, Varun Suri

  • Movie: Auham
  • Cast: Hriday Singh, Divya Malik, Varun Suri
  • Release : Theater
  • Rating : ***

Auham Full Review: The film has been released on Auham theatre. in this movie Hriday SinghDivya Malik, Varun Suri He is seen in the lead role. this movie a suspense thriller Film is. If you want to see this weekend’s excitement, then definitely read this review.


The story of the film revolves around Shiva (Hriday Singh) and Riya (Divya Malik). The couple’s life is completely devastated when Shiva’s wife Riya suddenly goes missing. Shiva breaks down due to the disappearance of his love in this way but he does not give up. He first goes to the police station to find Riya. But during this search, there are some such revelations in front of Shiva, seeing which he is stunned.

Now what are these revelations that have surprised Shiva, will he ever be able to meet Riya again, to know the answers to these questions, you will have to watch the apparitions.

Direction and Writing

Auham means illusion. Even in the story of the film, we can see the director presenting this illusion on the screen. The upcoming twist in this story is the USP of the film. Writer and director have shown this story slowly and in an unexpected manner with great understanding and due to this the suspense of the film keeps us connected till the end.


Hriday Singh and Divya Malik try to give complete justice to their characters. Varun Suri’s police officer is remembered. The music of the film could have been more impressive.

see why

If you like suspense thriller. Then this story is for you. The suspense of the film will connect you with the film till the end.

what are the flaws

This film can be called OTT material. Considering today’s unpredictable box office success, it would have been more natural to release this film on OTT.