This veteran investor compared Bitcoin to the shares of Yahoo and Microsoft, know what he said…

Kevin O’Leary is a Canada-based millionaire investor whose latest statement suggests he compares holding bitcoin to owning shares in software majors. O’Leary said in a recent Twitter post that holding BTC assets is similar to holding shares in companies like Microsoft and Yahoo. Between 2019 and 2021, 67-year-old ‘Shark Tank’ judge O’Leary has transformed from a staunch opponent of bitcoin to one of the leading promoters of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency today. According to his predictions, the price of bitcoin could reach $300,000 (approximately Rs.

Kevin O’Leary wrote on Twitter (translated) “Bitcoin isn’t just a coin or currency, it’s a software.”

O’Leary, who called bitcoin ‘garbage’ in 2019, currently holds three percent of his total portfolio as investments in bitcoin. However, he is not the first to compare bitcoin to the stocks of large companies.

Recently, Fidelity’s Director of Global Macro Jurrien Timmer compared the rise of Bitcoin to the rise of Apple in the 90s. Last week, Fidelity International launched its first investment product that tracks bitcoin in Europe.

Last year, Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, reportedly said It was that bitcoin reminds them of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

CoinMarketCap’s accordinglyThe bitcoin price today is currently at $37,156 (approximately Rs 28 lakh).

The market cap of this coin, established in 2009, is more than $704 billion (approximately Rs 52,74,836 crore). It took just 12 years for Bitcoin to reach a record peak of $1 trillion (about Rs 74,88,050 crore) last year.

One of CryptoParrot Report In comparison, Microsoft took about 44 years to achieve a $1 trillion valuation, while Apple, Amazon and Google took 42 years, 24 years and 21 years, respectively, to achieve the same success, it said.<!–