This village of UP produces IAS and IPS, till now 47 people have become officers

Madhopatti Village: A different craze is seen among the youth of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar regarding UPSC exam. Mukherjee Nagar and Rajendra Nagar, which are called UPSC hubs of Delhi, attract more students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar than other states. Similar craze is also seen regarding the examination of State Public Service Commission. The biggest example of this has come to the fore in a small village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, whose name is Madhopatti.

Madhopatti Village of Uttar Pradesh is also called the village of officers. About 250 km from the capital Lucknow, almost every house in this village has a person IAS or IPS. Not only IAS and IPS, many people of this village are also on a good post in ISRO, Manila and International Bank due to their talent. Let us tell you the story of Madhopatti village which produced IAS and IPS.

The first IAS officer was made in 1914

According to the report, Mustafa Hussain, the first IAS officer of this village, was the father of famous poet Vamiq Jaunpuri. In 1914, Mustafa Hussain joined the PCS after clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. Hussain was followed by IAS Indu Prakash who secured second rank in the Civil Services Examination in 1951 and became an IFS officer. He was also India’s ambassador to about 16 countries. His brother Vidya Prakash Singh was also elected as an IAS officer in 1953.

Four brothers created history

A unique record is recorded in the name of Madhopatti village. Here four brothers of a family had set a new record by passing the IAS exam. In 1955, Vinay, the eldest son of the family, secured 13th position in this most artificial competitive examination of the country. He retired as the Chief Secretary of Bihar. Both his brothers Chhatrapal Singh and Ajay Kumar Singh passed this exam in 1964. After this, his younger brother Shashikant Singh made history by passing the UPSC examination in 1968.

no coaching

A report also states that there are no coaching institutes in Madhopatti, nor far away. Still, the youth of the village are reaching heights with their hard work and dedication. A teacher from Madhopatti had told that students studying in Intermediate often appear with guide books for IAS and PCS exams. From school itself, they start preparing to become an IAS. This village is for every youth of the country that despite being deprived of facilities, if hard work is done, success is definitely achieved.

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