Thomas Cup: Those who saw India’s historic win in badminton will share these memories with their next generation

Indian badminton team created history in Thomas Cup

Image Credit source: PTI

India created history by defeating Indonesia in Thomas Cup 2022 Final. Team India became champion after 73 years. Lakshya Sen, Satwik-Chirag and finally Kidambi Srikanth did wonders.

Sandeepan Sharma.

Where were you when India got independence? When did Pakistan surrender in 1971? When did Kapil Dev win the Prudential Cup? (Prudential Cup) won? When…add a few more questions to this list for generations to come. Where were you on Sunday 15 May 2022? Where were you at 15:13 IST when Kidambi ‘Buddha’ Srikkanth (Kidambi Srikanth) On the court and in straight game, his Indonesian opponent Jonathan Christie (Jonathan Christie) wrecked the shuttle? Where were you when Christie watched the shuttle fall out of reach, then Srikkanth looked back and roared loudly, dropping his weapon of heavy damage, the badminton racket? Before this, Srikanth was behaving as if he were in a Vipassana center: calm, still, unmoved, like a monk chanting his own mantra in the midst of conflict.

Where were you when their roar echoed Bangkok’s Impact Arena? Have you seen his teammates jumping off the stands like athletes in a hurdle race and embracing Srikanth as the Spartans greet their Leonidas? Did you hear the drums playing and the slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’? Did you cry with joy when the national anthem was sung on the badminton court in Bangkok? Ah, there’s a lot to remember. Have a lot to ask. Who would have thought, Shakespeare would have written, India had so much of badminton in them? Who would have thought that we would be witness to this?

Five Indians dust off Indonesia

Till that time, in the 73-year-old history of the Thomas Cup, only five countries had managed to win the coveted badminton title. India’s best performance since 1979 was in 2010, when it reached the quarter-finals. If it were cricket and one would have bet on India’s chances of winning the men’s World Cup, some fearless journalists would admit that they have said or speculated in the past even after India reached the semi-finals. were. But, India did not win it just like that. India has won the Thomas Cup by defeating Indonesia 3-0, which has won this title 14 times. Neology i.e. Sorry to give new meaning to some words, Battle of Thermopylae was not won by 300 but only five brave Indians who believed in their destiny. Five men who believed they could beat badminton’s Xerxes, Indonesia, with just patience and guts.

Match Tha Ya Believe It Or Not Episode

The Indians believed that they would write history again from the very beginning of the final. You can see the script written by young Lakshya Sen in the first match against Anthony Ginting in the back-from-behind heroic victory. You see, okay, let’s stick to the story. The defining moment of India’s resolve came at the end of the first doubles match. Trailing 17-20 in the second game, already down 0-1, the Indian pair of S Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty pulled off a hard-fought victory over the high-ranked Indonesian pair. It felt like it was an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

This is how India won the title

Shetty and Rankireddy patted their chest, danced in the court and roared like raging tigers. Seeing them celebrating, you can understand that Indonesia was there only to create the history of India. Just a few minutes ago, Lakshya Sen showed a miracle in the opening match. With his opponent continuously attacking the far end of the court, Sen appeared a bit nervous. When he lost the first game and went down 9-11 in the second, it seemed that Sen would get a setback, which would not make India’s start well. However, Sen took the lead by 9-11 points to win the first of three thrilling matches.

But, Srikanth played the final match. As soon as he entered the court, Srikkanth made you feel that he has come there to tell everyone that calm down, I am not. They started like a calm stream flowing through the plains, and then in time took the form of a formidable river that winds its way, ravaging rocks, carrying everything in its path. He attacked suddenly, he smashed, he overcame impossible situations, stopped at impossible angles and played perhaps the memorable match of his life. Amidst all this, the strap tied on his knee almost fell. But, Srikanth did not pay attention. He was in a completely different world where there was no place for ordinary things like pain, doubt or fear on the way to his goal.

There was a time in the match when Srikanth faced a drift in the far corner of the forehand. The lead he had achieved became equal. But, Srikanth immediately changed his game, opting to play near the net and then smashing shuttles in mid-court when given the opportunity. With his calm, aggressive and clever moves, he changed the history of India. He raised India’s sporting glory like players like Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, Neeraj Chopra and Viswanathan Anand.

we are the champions of the world

Winning in Bangkok matters in the world of sports. Those who watched the match would tell their children and grandchildren that once upon a time there were five brave Indians who made the impossible possible. The five of them won at a time when not many expected them. He made Indians enjoy watching the tricolor go up and listening to the national anthem at the Badminton World Cup. He will say with gratitude and joy, never before so many Indians were indebted to so many people. Where were you when Lakshya Sen, Kidambi Srikanth, HS Prannoy, S Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty inspired us all to sing: We are the champions of the world?