Threat on the opening match of IPL 2023? Players ran away leaving the ground with all their belongings, Video | ipl-2023-gt-vs-csk-pitch-report-narendra-modi-stadium-ahmedabad-weather-forecast-report-in-hindi

Gujarat Titans Vs Chennai Super Kings IPL 2023 Pitch and Weather Report: The opening match of IPL 2023 will be played between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings on Friday, but before this match the video of both the teams came out, it increased everyone’s tension. given.

IPL 2023 opening match will be played between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings

Image Credit source: Chennai Super Kings twitter

Ahmedabad.Everyone is ready for the opening match of IPL 2023. Chennai Super Kings And the Gujarat Titans team has geared up, so the enthusiasm of the audience has also become high, but on the last day a video was shared on the social media account of both the teams, which has worried the fans. After the video, now the same question is arising in everyone’s mind whether the opening match is in danger.

In fact, in the video shared by Gujarat and Chennai, the players were seen running after packing all their belongings. Deepak Chahar quickly ran towards the dressing room with Kane Williamson hanging 4 bats on his back.

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practice villain

Actually the players were running away from the rain. It started raining heavily in Ahmedabad on the last day. Due to which the players were forced to leave the field and run away. Rain became a villain in the practice of both the teams. Now, will Baria become a villain in the match as well or will it rain as much as it was supposed to rain on the previous day itself.

Clear weather at match time

according to Accuweather match The sky will be clear on Friday evening. There is no forecast for a storm either. The temperature is expected to be around 23 degrees. While all the players were seen avoiding the rain, Gujarat coach Ashish Nehra was also seen enjoying it. The Chennai team enjoyed the weather by eating hot jalebis in the dressing room.

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