Throwback: Due to Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh did not get married, himself told the reason

Today is the 44th birthday of Mika Singh. Mika has given many hit songs in his career. Mika’s name is associated with many actresses, but every time it turns out to be just a rumour. At the same time, Mika himself had once told the reason for not getting married. Mika told the reason for this to his brother Daler Mehndi. Mika made this disclosure in a comedy show. Actually, Mika and Daler came on the show Entertainment Ki Raat in the year 2017. Mika had told that he used to work as a guitarist in Daler’s team and used to live with them at that time.

Mika said that at that time he was in a serial relationship and he had given the girl the number of his brother Daler’s landline. One day he called and God knows what Daler paaji told him that that girl broke up with me and my heart was broken. So the reason for not getting married is because of Daler Paji.

However, in an interview given to Hindustan Times this year, Daler had denied Mika’s statement. He had said, ‘He is not getting married, surely his own internal failure will be the reason. When I met him last time, I told him to get married. I want you to have many children. There is so much money, there is so much, where will it go? I will try my best this year, even if I kill him and make him sit on a mare, but I will get married.

In headlines due to dispute with KRK

These days Mika is in the headlines for his dispute with Kamal R Khan. Talking about KRK, Mika said about this, I have been watching KRK for a long time. He keeps on attacking people personally. He has commented on me many times. If anyone can fix this crazy horse in the industry, it is me.

Mika had further said, KRK has spoken about Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar and many other celebs. If we do not stop such people, then more will come. He lives in publicity by using the names of Bollywood celebs.

Song made on KRK

Mika has composed the song on KRK. Recently, Mika shared the poster of this song on social media, which is becoming quite viral on social media. In this poster, Mika is sitting on top of the car and a dog is sitting below. KRK’s face has been put in place of the dog’s face.

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