Till date these 7 non-Muslim players have played cricket for Pakistan, 2 Hindu players also showed talent in the national team

Most of the Muslim players play in the Pakistan team. Because Pakistan is a Muslim country. In this sense, Muslim players are given more chances in Pakistan’s team, but some non-Muslim players also used to play in Pakistan’s team.

Who made a place in the team on the basis of his ability. It is the dream of every player that one day they play for their country’s team and raise the flag of the country, players join the national team after hard work, which is praiseworthy in itself.

If they have to suffer because of any particular religion then it is most shameful. Many such non-Muslim players have played in Pakistan’s team. The team who has illuminated the name of Pakistan cricket on the basis of their talent. But the team ignored his contribution. Let us know about the non-Muslim players of Pakistan.

1.Anil Dalpat

in India Anil Dalpat People would know very little about (Anil Dalpat). Most of the Muslim players play in the Pak team. Because Pakistan is a Muslim country. In such a situation, making a team place for a Hindu player is a big deal in itself. Anil Dalpat was the first Hindu cricketer to play for Pakistan.

Talking about the cricket career of Anil Dalpat, he played his first debut match against England in 1984. Anil has scored 167 runs in 9 test matches for Pakistan. At the same time, he has taken 87 wickets in 15 ODIs. Anil has taken 3 stumpings and 23 catches in his career. He too has not got much chance to play for Pakistan’s international team because of Imran Khan.