Tim Paine returns to the field after a long time, this time on the field

australia test team Veteran wicket-keeper batsman and former captain Tim Paine is making a comeback on the field after a long time. Before the Ashes 2021-22, Tim Paine had resigned from the captaincy of the Australia Test team due to the sexting scandal and at the same time he had also distanced himself from cricket, but now he is once again making a comeback in the field. No confirmation has been made so far as to when Penn will be seen on the field as a player. Tim Paine, 37, has returned to the world of cricket as the coach of the Tasmanian Tigers.

Tim Paine was involved in sexting scandal

Let us tell you that according to media reports, in the year 2017, Tim Paine was caught in the case of sending lewd messages and obscene photos to a female colleague. Before the Ashes 2021-22, there was a lot of discussion about this matter, due to which Paine had left the captaincy of the Australia Test team as well as made a distance from cricket for a few days.

However, Cricket Australia was investigating this matter and they have not found Tim Paine guilty in any case. But due to the association of the name with this controversy, the player was getting a lot of notoriety, in such a situation he thought it right to distance himself from cricket.

After the departure of Tim Paine, Pat Cummins was made the captain of the Australia Test team for the Ashes series. Under the leadership of Cummins, the Australia team performed very well. Australia defeated England 4-0 in the 2021-22 Ashes Test series.

Tim Paine’s performance in Test cricket

Tim Paine

Steve Smith was removed from the captaincy of the Australia Test team in the year 2018 after being implicated in the ball-tampering case. After that Tim Paine was made the captain of the team. Tim Paine’s performance as captain was doing well.

Apart from this, if we talk about his Test career as a batsman, Tim Paine has played a total of 35 matches representing Australia in Test cricket so far, in which he scored 1534 runs batting at an average of 32.6. Huh. Apart from this, he has also scored 09 half-centuries in Test cricket. Tim Paine’s best batting score is 92 runs in test cricket.

With this, if we talk about his wicketkeeping, then Penn has taken 150 catches in Test cricket and has also done 07 stumpings. However, let’s hope that this legendary batsman of Australia will soon be seen playing in the field once again.