Timeless: Nadeem got Gulshan Kumar threatened, Abu Salem murdered, still not a case on Dawn?

Today is Gulshan Kumar’s birthday. If he were alive today, perhaps a bigger name than him would have been in the music industry. However, his son Bhushan Kumar has not only kept his name alive till now but he has taken his company T series to a new height.

You must have read a lot about Gulshan Kumar, but we are telling you a story which is recorded in the court statements in the Gulshan Kumar murder case and on the basis of that, the court sentenced a shooter Dawood Merchant to life imprisonment.

There was enmity with Nadeem

Gulshan Kumar’s company T Series made Nadeem-Shravan’s pair in the music industry. All his hit films were sent home by music T-series in their cassettes. Which included all other songs from Saajan, Aashiqui, Raja Hindustani and Pardes.

Nadeem-Shravan duo made a music album in which Nadeem sang 3 songs. Nadeem’s voice was not very good, so these songs could not become good. Gulshan Kumar also did not like these songs, so he did not promote this album.

Nadeem got very angry with this thing. His dream of becoming a singer was shattered. On the other hand, the pair had become very famous and Gulshan Kumar always liked to give work to new faces, so he also stopped buying Nadeem-Shravan music directors’ films in the music T series.

Nadeem was being ruined

Nadeem was beginning to feel that his music career is now on the path of ruin because he had felt such a success that he was no longer able to bear his dishonor. There was also anger in his mind of not being able to find work and to reduce the name in the industry.

To create pressure on Gulshan Kumar, he conceived the idea of ​​resorting to the underworld. At that time, the underworld had a direct influence on Bollywood. Dawood Ibrahim used to run his business from Dubai and Abu Salem was Dawood’s henchman at that time. In the wake of Nadeem’s call, he had a meeting in Dubai and called Gulshan Kumar.

Nadeem shravan

Nadim-shravan duo

Abu Salem asked for ten crores

Abu Salem threatened Gulshan Kumar with a ransom of ten crore rupees, protection money and Nadeem for work. Gulshan Kumar panicked and told this to his younger brother Kiran Kumar. It is said that just a few days before that, Gulshan Kumar had allegedly given an installment to Dawood Gang. He did not want to pay him money again. Therefore, he thought it better to keep silent on this threat.

Murder took place outside the temple

When Abu Salem did not get this money on time, he decided that Gulshan Kumar would have to be killed. Three shooters were hired for this and they opened fire on the morning of 12 August 1997 outside a temple in Juhu. Gulshan was leaving from there at that time. When he tried to escape Gulshan’s head, the other two shooters fired 16 bullets at him. When his driver tried to save him, the shooters also shot him. After which Gulshan Kumar was taken to the hospital but died on the way.

The murder case did not run on Abu Salem

Nadeem fled to London after this murder and he has not returned till date. It is said that he has now done perfume business in Dubai. In which Dawood’s money has been invested. Despite the fact that Abu Salem was directly involved in this murder, the case of murder of Gulshan Kumar could not be carried out on him till today when he was brought to India from Portugal. At that time, there was no case of murder of Gulshan Kumar in the list of his black exploits handed over to the government there.

Birth Anniversary: ​​Before becoming the owner of T series, Gulshan Kumar used to work in a juice shop, was murdered outside the temple.

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