Timeless: When Rishi Kapoor wanted to buy underworld don Dawood Ibrahim for shoes | rishi kapoor connection with underworld don dawood ibrahim

Rishi Kapoor, who was Bollywood’s handsome boy, openly mentioned his interactions with Dawood Ibrahim in his book.

Dawood Ibrahim was also a fan of Rishi Kapoor’s acting.

Rishi Kapoor was an actor in the Hindi film industry who convinced millions by his beauty and acting. In his era, Rishi Kapoor had kept everyone crazy, but even in films like ‘102 Not Out’, everyone showed appreciation for his tremendous acting. Rishi Kapoor’s fan list has been long. Everyone considered the acting of Rishi Kapoor from the youth to the elderly. In Rishi Kapoor’s fan list, there is also a name of the person, who is known by the whole world as the underworld don. You got it right We are talking about the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim who created terror in India.

Dawood Ibrahim loved Rishi Kapoor. Not only this, when Rishi Kapoor met Dawood Ibrahim, the underworld don even expressed his desire to buy shoes for him. It was revealed by Rishi Kapoor himself in his autobiography ‘Khullam Khulla’. Rishi Kapoor in his book mentioned those days when he had to face Dawood Ibrahim twice.

When Dawood’s henchman stopped Rishi at the airport

Rishi Kapoor, Bollywood’s handsome boy, wrote about his first meeting with Dawood Ibrahim through his book – It was the period of 1988 when there was no mobile phone in India. Asha Bhosle and RD Burman Night were organized in Dubai, in which Shailendra Singh was going to perform. I reached Dubai with my friend Bittu Anand.

Dawood Ibrahim always had a man at the airport, so that he would keep reporting the VIP movement to Dawood. When I got out of the airport, a man came to me and handed me a call. He said- ‘Dawood Saab will talk.’ This was before the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and I think Dawood was not a fugitive at that time. At that time he was not an enemy of the state.

Welcoming me in Dubai, Dawood said- If you need anything here, let me know. Not only this, he also invited me to his house. I listened to him and said that I will consider it. I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Dubai at that time. There I was introduced to a man, whose name was Baba. Baba was Don’s right hand man.

‘Saab wants to drink tea with you…’

He told me Dawood Saab wishes to have tea with you. I did not see anything wrong in this and accepted the invitation. That same evening a brilliant Rolls Royce came to pick me up and Bittu from the hotel. As we were reaching her house, there was a constant conversation in the car with someone in a bad language. I did not know any language, but my friend knew. He realized from that language that instead of taking us directly, we were being rotated and taken to Dawood’s house, so that we could not fully know the location of his house.

As soon as we entered his house, I saw a man spitting from the window. He was David. He welcomed us and at the same time apologized and said- I have called you for tea because I neither drink nor serve.

Dawood is not guilty of his crimes

Referring to spending time with Dawood, Rishi Kapoor wrote- We spent four hours with Dawood Ibrahim. During this time, we talked on many things, including some of his criminal activities, which he had no grief. Dawood told me that he liked me in ‘Tawaif’, because my name in that film was Dawood. In this four-hour conversation, Dawood also told me how much he likes my father, Uncle, Dilip Kumar, Mehmood and other artists. I remember how scared I was when I reached there, but by evening, all my worries went away and I was feeling very relaxed.

Apart from this, when Raj Kapoor died, a person had also sent Dawood to Rishi Kapoor’s house to express his condolences. After this, Rishi Kapoor met Dawood once more in Dubai. Rishi Kapoor says that while he and Neetu Singh were shopping in a mall, Dawood was also present there. He had a mobile phone in his hand and 8 to 10 bodyguards were with him.

When Dawood offered to buy a shoe for the sage

Dawood said on seeing the sage- Let me get what you want. Rishi said- I refused very politely and said- Please do not embarrass me. I appreciate your sentiment, but I would like to do my shopping myself. He gave me his number, but it was 1989 when we did not have mobile phones.

Finally David told me- I am a fugitive because I will not get justice in India. There are many people who are against me. I give money to many politicians who live in my pocket. After hearing this I said- David, please keep me away from this man. I am an actor and I really don’t want to get into all these things. He understood my point. He was always good with me. I never met David after that. Although I have definitely collided with his family.

Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Nora has been a part of Rishi Kapoor’s films Heena and Shriman Aashiq.

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