Tinder new feature rolls out to let daters specify pronouns relationship type more details

Dating app Tinder has added some new features to its interface. After this update, now users will be able to search for their partner in a better way than before. Also, after the addition of these new features, the profiles on the app are said to be more reliable than before. In the app, users will now be given more options to select pronouns for themselves. It has been said by the app that after this update, finding the right relationship on the platform will be more convenient and easier than ever before.

Online dating has been trending for the past several years and the number of people looking for online partner matches is increasing every year. increase Happening. Popular because of this dating app tinder Has added many new features to its platform. IANS’s Report According to, Tinder Now users can show on their profile what kind of relationship they are looking for. This feature has been taken from Hinge, another app from Tinder’s parent Match Group.

The new update also states that members can now display their pronouns on profiles. Also, they can also select what kind of relationship they are looking for. For example, monogamy (marriage once), ethical non monogamy, open relationship, polyamory (polygamy) or ‘open to explore’ etc. At the same time, Tinder has said about this change that 41% of Gen Z users are looking for non monogamous ie polygamous relationship or open relationship.

Talking further, now users will get more options to choose their pronoun on Tinder. The app has said to provide 15 options which will be based on their sexual orientation and gender. These features are being made available to the users soon. Earlier last year, Tinder had added a feature called ‘Relationship Goals’ to the app that allows users to indicate their relationship goals. <!–


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