TKSS: Kapil Sharma’s concept stolen by Pakistani comedy show ‘Hansna Mana Hai’, comedian Tabish Hashmi claims original after being accused

‘Laughs Mana Hai’ steals Kapil Sharma’s concept

The way stars come to promote their films in Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, similarly the stars of Pakistani comedian Tabish Hashmi’s show ‘Hansna Mana Hai’ also come to promote their films.

A new comedy show “Hasna Mana Hai” became famous in Pakistan.Hasna Mana Hai) has been embroiled in controversy. Because some people on social media say that this show is “The Kapil Sharma Show,The Kapil Sharma Show) is a copy of. “Laughs Mana Hai” is currently performing very well on the TRP charts of Pakistan but the Pakistani comedian associated with the show Tabish Hashmi (Tabish HashmiBut now many people are accusing him of stealing the concept of Kapil Sharma Show. He says that the setup and format of Tabish’s show is exactly like Kapil Sharma’s show. However, after some users raised the question, now Tabish Hashmi clarified on this and said that it is based on his own life.

Watch the video of Hasna Mana Hai here which has been accused of copying

Tabish Hashmi says that the show “Laughs Mana Hai” featured a Canadian returnee from Karachi who is currently settled in Lahore. Seeing the growing controversy regarding the show, in an interview, instead of clarifying the matter or apologizing, Tabish Hashmi accused Kapil Sharma of copying the concept of Pakistani show. During this, he said that people feel that it is like Kapil Sharma show. But the city that both the shows are best at is the same, Delhi is seen on the sets of Kapil Sharma’s show, Lahore on the sets of “Hansna Mana Hai”. Delhi and Lahore also have similarities, both look alike, that is why the audience is caught in a misunderstanding. The concept of our show is completely original, both its set and concept are related to Pakistan.

A lot of hard work has been done to show the show as original.

Further Tabish Hashmi says, it is the creativity of people like Umar Sharif and Amanullah, they have prepared the concept of this show, Kapil Sharma never appeared. He never said that we stole the idea of ​​his show, because a lot of money has been spent on this show in India, so that the show can be shown as original. Further Tabish Hashmi says that you watch both the shows yourself and find out which show is the original and which is the stolen concept.

Wrong to compare shows

Seeing the comparison of Kapil Sharma Show and Hansna Mana Hai Show, Tabish Hashmi also said that our show is aired thrice a week whereas Kapil Sharma’s show comes only once in a week. There is no comparison of both the shows.

Watch the video of The Kapil Sharma Show here

Kapil accused of copying from 2007 show

Tabish said that, “I would like to remind you that in 2007 there used to be a show named Chauraha on Jio TV, Kapil Sharma copied the format of his show from the same show and in 2011 his show went on air. At that time no one said that Kapil Sharma’s show was made on a stolen format.

Who is Tabish Hashmi

Tabish Hashmi is a very famous Pakistani host who has made his name in the entertainment industry after struggling for many years in a row. Previously, he was known as a standup comedian. After that he was given a chance by Azfar Ali for a web show on Nashpati Prime, only after this show he became known.